Beginners Tarot Course

This course is designed to help those who have a genuine desire to understand and respect what the Tarot cards have to offer. I personally feel it important to steer people away from dabbling, playing or giving predictive readings for friends and neighbours when the reader is unaware of the consequences lack of knowledge can bring. I hope to guide people in the right direction so they can go forward with confidence in learning more about their cards with a view to helping others. During the course we will discuss the meanings of each Tarot card, how they should be read within a spread, and to practice on each other. It would be helpful if you have some knowledge of Chakras before attending the course as this is an important part of doing a Chakra Tarot Spread.
I am hoping that after the Course you will have gained confidence and eagerness to go forth and take the next step in this powerful process.
This course is available to anyone in Kent.
£20 deposit is required prior to start date to secure delegate's place
Please note, deposit is non-refundable - balance of £100 is due on first day of course
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Refreshments:- Please bring a packed lunch. - Tea, coffee & juice will be provided
Please bring your own set of Tarot Cards and preferably a Rider Waite Deck or similar as the Course notes depict these pictures.
For more information please call 07966 223 557 or email