About Psychic Tarot Kent

I am a professional Psychic Tarot Reader and Platform Medium who has been reading the cards for over 30 years. Brought up in a naturally gifted family, I use the Tarot, together with my abilities, to offer confidential, down-to-earth readings to clarify the past, present and future. I believe the wisdom of the Tarot helps guide our higher selves in seeking life's many pathways.

In my life, I have personally experienced many challenges from divorce, debt, betrayal, single parenthood, to the death of my closest family members and a near death experience, which enhanced my connection to Spirit.

Tarot cards and Ouija board

Courses and training I have attended during my growth include Tarot, Reiki, Auras / Chakras, Psychometry, Angel Awareness, Dream Analysis, Meditation, Bereavement Counselling, Channelling and Mediumship/Psychic studies of the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Science. I now teach others to read the cards and how to use our abilities to connect to Spirit.

I have worked Internationally, alongside and for, many famous well known and just fascinating people in this line of work. My most memorable "spooky moments" though have come whilst ghost hunting for and with, various crews around the UK. There's nothing more exciting than sitting in a pitch dark dungeon and asking, "Is anybody there?!"